Monday, April 12, 2010

Greg/Priya: Insurgency

Wow. So i did not check this blog once this week. I had to go to work and to do so I had to put this whole situation out of my mind. Its nearly impossible to teach a bunch of little kids and keep them straight and paying attention if your mind is wandering all day, so I did whatever I could to "be Priya" at work this week. I did pretty well, I didnt break down crying at school or anything, but there were some reminders of my old life that made me sad. Particular this one little girl who happens to be named Amber.

Anyway, when I got home Friday I checked the blog and found what I later confirmed to be a Trading Post Inn Blog record 12 comments on my post, most of which were full of great ideas on how to get my life back, some more feasible than others.

First off, Id like to thank Todd, Alia, and Cliff for being so empathetic and supportive. Although I will admit I didn't read most of Cliff's last post. I started skimming when he got to the part about a wedding and being a bridesmaid. I have been in contact with a few of them and the all pledged to help as much as they can.

The best idea any poster had was to do some research into Dee's life and see if shes telling truth. The body of Dolores Henderson is currently inhabited by Hilary Benson, a 30 year old pharmacy tech from Memphis. Hilary and I had emailed briefly when we set up the chain to get people back in their bodies, and she was still going back to the inn to get hers back, even if Dee wasnt planning on taking what she left there.

Hilary confirmed that Dee was an insurance adjuster living in Oxford, Mississippi, and that she was 45 and got divorced in 2008. What I didnt know about was that Dee had a kid who was nearly my age. A 22 year old daughter who moved to Dallas after high school. Apparently the empty nest helped put the divorce in motion.

Hilary couldnt give me many details about the divorce, because she didnt know them. Her ex husband had left the state afterwards and they havent spoken. She agreed to look at the legal documents and pry the kid for information the best she could.

One thing that did help was she sent pictures of her new body, clothed of course. Dee looked like a typical 45 year old. Not obese but some fat in a few areas, some wrinkles and a couple of gray hairs. Not the worst body I could think of, but not something I wanna spend my life in.

Anyway, before I go up and down and talk about realistic scenarios where I can mess with Dee enough to convince her to give my life back, Ive got to say that Im absolutely not going to do anything illegal. I cant risk it. If i get caught, its not Greg Schmitt getting the criminal record, its Priya Patel. And Priya is a friend of mine, and friends dont risk putting other friends bodies in lock up. If I go to jail and not the inn, neither of us gets our body back. Not to mention the fact that Kidnapping/Extortion are the quickest ways to get fired as a Kindergarten teacher.

The first legal suggestion made was to tell the boss. This sounds good, but probably wont do anything. For one thing I was "The Boss", or at least I was at that hotel. I was the general manager, meaning that my direct superior was a district manager from corporate who only came to the hotel twice a month. For another thing, employer/employee relationships are perfectly legal with our parent company, provided that they are consensual and that the proper paperwork is filled out once it becomes official. As to before they were official, im not sure I can do anything unless they did it at work. Also I'm not sure I want to do something that will get Greg Schmitt fired and have it say on Greg Schmitt's references that he was dismissed for sexual impropriety. Plus Heather would have to press charges. I dont know if any of the other employees would get jealous, Heather has always been my personal aide and shes the only one. I dont know if they could prove "preferential treatment".

This brings me a great idea someone had: Mess with Heather. This has real possibilities, but I'll have to be subtle. I cant go, as the person suggested, and befriend her and try to sabotage the relationship on the inside because Heather might recognize me from the day I confronted Dee at the hotel, and because Dee would know who I am and tell Heather to stay away from me.

I do like the idea of making Heather think SHES been cheated on. Somehow I'm going to find a way to get a pair of Priya's underwear in a position for Heather to see them. Thanks to yoga, Im much slimmer than both Heather and Amber, and she'll know the pair belongs to someone else. The trick will be getting access to her, as Dee moved out of my old apartment and I dont know her new address, nor Heathers. I tried looking it up on the hotel database from home, but all the passwords and login prompts had been changed. Makes me think Dee was taking precautions.

Im also going to try to find out a way to make Dee think that Heather is cheating. This is gonna require a little bit of stalking but I think a few anonymous flowers and candygrams might do the trick.

Im currently organizing everyone who would believe me to help send messages to Heather trying to tell her whats going on/ Greg is an asshole and she needs to break it off. This actually holds some promise because I'd imagine shed get curious and do a little research of her own. Im not afraid to have people call the hotel number either.

One person suggested making such a scene that the person who is behind the Inn would intervene to keep it from going public. Im not sure this'll work because:

1. Im not sure who is behind the Inn's curse
2. I dont think they need to intervene to keep this quiet. The curse has worked pretty effective over the past hundred plus years that nobody has gone public that we know of. Even this blog is viewed by most as little more than a work of fiction.
3. Considering the things that have happened to Ashlyn, I dont think I want to be in debt to "Pygmalion" or whomever.

Off of point number 2 above, someone suggested showing this blog to both Amber and Heather, and that Im going to do. But im not sure how much success I'll have. Theres something about the curse. When I first posted, it was before I was changed. I didnt even notice that the other posters were people who had been changed. Still, its worth a shot, and Im going to be emailing links to them when I can. Although I cant do as they suggested and make it a redirect for all logins on the hotel system, as I no longer have Admin access.

Again, thank you all for your suggestions. I'm going to start lining up the logistics of these things and start setting them into action. Im not about to watch my life get stolen without a fight. I'll keep you posted



Anonymous said...

"Off of point number 2 above, someone suggested showing this blog to both Amber and Heather, and that Im going to do. But im not sure how much success I'll have. Theres something about the curse. When I first posted, it was before I was changed. I didnt even notice that the other posters were people who had been changed. Still, its worth a shot, and Im going to be emailing links to them when I can."

There's actually a chance you could have some success getting Amber to believe. "Life changing situations" can cut through the inn's spell of disbelief, remember? For Jessica's adoptive mom, it was when her father (Jessica's "grandfather") died. There's also the email Art received from "CeeCee Davies" on 1/23/07 where she learned the truth about her grandfather after she read to him from this blog (thinking it was fiction) while he was on his death bed. When Ray first proposed to Art-as-Liz, Art sensed that it was one of those "big moments", but chose to let the moment pass without saying anything about the inn.

In this case, your best chance of getting Amber to believe might have been when she first told you she had been "dumped", but there may be another opportunity if the two of you are together (doing the "best friends hanging out" routine) and Amber starts getting depressed and melancholy about the "ended" relationship and the setting is just right. You might even be able to help steer the setting into one of those "big moments" by what you say or do on one of those occasions when you're together.

Anonymous said...

An interesting idea. Definitely worth an attempt. It won't get Greg his body back but I suspect he's one of those individuals who cares more about his relationships than his physical status.

Anonymous said...

If Amber knows the truth, she might be able to lend some assistance to the plan to sabotage the relationship between Dee and Heather; she might approach Heather with the "he cheated on me and ultimately dumped me, and we were engaged; how can you be sure he won't promise you the world then dump you as soon as someone more interesting comes along?" argument.

Greg is going to need all of the assistance he can get if there is any hope of getting his body back. Even if he is not able to get his original body back, if his having to "roll the dice" in a return trip to the inn (in order to set up Priya's return to her own body) ultimately results in Greg ending up back in a male body whose original owner doesn't want it back, then he could still get back together with Amber if she knows the truth about him. Amber needs to know the truth if Greg is to have a Plan B.