Sunday, April 04, 2010

Greg/Priya: No, I wasnt joking

Wow, did I get a lot of comments on my last post, for which I'm grateful. Its good to know that people pay attention and give insight into my situation.

Most of the commentators were debating on whether or not it was an April Fool's post, and it most definitely wasn't. Apparently my world came crashing down on a day when people were least likely to believe it happened. I didn't even think about the date at time.

One person who left a comment was all on board with the kidnapping and detailed 3 disturbingly complex and well thought out scenarios.

One idea was to drug my old body and have myself or an accomplice take it to Maine. This wouldn't work because I don't think comatose people can get on airplanes. Also I look nothing like my old body and could never pass off as a relative. The whole being Indian thing is a dead giveaway. And an accomplice would be difficult to get because nobody would believe why I'm taking the body to Maine, thanks to the curse.

Another idea was to hold my old body at gunpoint and take to Maine. This would be next to impossible because I live in the state with probably the toughest gun laws as well as the fact that someone so much bigger than me would probably escape along the way.

His last idea was to arrange for Heather to take a trip to Maine and use it as a way to leverage Dee. I don't know how I would get a total stranger to go on a trip, and I think my former body would be able to talk her out of it.

Two posters had an entirely different idea, which was to take Amber to the inn, have her transform and then explain that it wasn't me that broke us up. (The commentators used the name "Heather" but in context the meant Amber, id imagine its easy to mix the two up since I don't label my posts with keywords). This scenario is right out never gonna happen. What if Amber got turned into a little kid? Or an old person? Or someone stole her body? Take it from me folks, you don't send someone you care about to the Trading Post Inn.

Anyway, the very next day I got a phone call from someone who thought it MUST be an April Fool's hoax. Priya. In all my sorrows I totally forgot that I had her life and staying in it would make me no worse than Dee. And Priyas my friend, and I owe it to her to give her life back. This means Ill be going back to the Inn this summer even if my body doesn't.

The last commenter said a few things that I wanna clear up. They said:

"something here doesn't make sense. If Dee truly was a married, heterosexual woman in her previous life, then it seems extremely odd that she would fall passionately in love with another woman less than a year after landing in Greg's body. According to testimony presented in this blog since its inception by the various inn victims who have experienced a gender change, the body change doesn't automatically produce a corresponding mental change regarding sexual preference. So, for the relationship with Heather to have developed at all, Dee would have to be either a)bisexual or b)lying about "her" previous life. Or c)this truly is an "April Fools" post."

Let me point something out from someone who knows first hand. You take the sexual orientation of the body you have on. I was a heterosexual male and as discussed before, women do absolutely nothing for me now. Not even Amber.

This has been documented as well by all other previous posters. Ashlyn and Liz started being with men eventually, and as far as I know they're still into guys. Todd spent an entire year having sex with a man as his wife. So while the inn doesn't trigger a corresponding mental change, it does trigger a physical attraction that matches the body's previous owner. Once the previous posters got over their qualms about having sex, they had no problem doing it. My theory is that Dee had sex with Amber on her first night in town, thus breaking down any mental barriers pretty quickly. It might have clouded her thinking, causing her to look at all women that way, hence going after Heather.

Although to be honest I have no idea whether or not Dee was lying about her previous life. I havent seen a photo or anything, never bothered to check up on that.

That same poster also had the best idea of them all, which is to try and sabotage Dee and Heathers relationship, causing her to have no motivation to stay in my body and to give it back. If any of you out there have ideas on how to accomplish this, they would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, since my last post I've had a lot of time to think about my options for the future. I finally wrapped my head around it all today, seeing as I was alone and the city was mostly quiet for Easter. But since Hindus don't celebrate Easter, it was just a Sunday for the Patel family.

As I said before, im going to have to go back to the Inn. But since there's a chain of 3 people or so on each side of me looking to get back into their bodies by staying in the same room as me (Priya included) that means Im probably gonna have to go in and fill in the gap. Which more than likely means that come July i'll turn into Deb. Which I don't plan on as a long term solution but its the only body available as of now. Maybe ill find someone who WANTS to be her and get a new life that way, but as of right now im not looking forward to it.

-Greg (still and always on the inside.


Todd said...

"Let me point something out from someone who knows first hand. You take the sexual orientation of the body you have on. I was a heterosexual male and as discussed before, women do absolutely nothing for me now. Not even Amber."

It's complicated, that's for sure.

I mean, sex is one thing. It took me a while to realize, after I became Anne-Marie, that I was no longer looking at women and seeing potential sexual partners. This was around the time I began having sex with Hal.

Now, I didn't love him -- I've only ever loved one person -- so this isn't the same as Dee's thing. But there was definitely a serious positive feeling I got when thinking about him, and not just from sexual release (because sadly, he was not all that impressive, bless him for trying.) As I've said a few times on this blog, I don't believe sex is love.

But you get close to someone, hormones flow, there are pleasant mental associations, you get attached, they become important to your life. That seems like love to me, and it sounds perfectly similar to the way the Dee-Heather thing has gone down. In fact, it sounds rather similar to the story I heard from Ginessa, albeit on a condensed timescale. Sure, her marriage started as a convenience, but the terms she uses to discuss her husband seem awfully sincere.

I won't go on, though. Thinking about what's happened to Greg has made me very... upset. I've got a bit of a stomachache that feels like it won't go away until July.

Paradoxical said...

This, just got interesting.

Since I can lend a hand, and it has been ubiquitously asked, I shall. Keep in mind that Dee if telling the truth for her past, possibly enthralled as Todd as put it above, then this is a flash bulb romance without enough magnisium to withstand multiple flashes. (Sorry about the analogy, but this goes somewhere I hope) The following is based on truthfulness from the Dee/Greg combo.

Dee has had a previous divorce, no matter what one might claim this will leave one slightly more cynacle of others. More likely to jump to the worst case cenario. This plays in your favor, especially since Heather has put herself into the position of the 'other woman' and Dee roughly into the outward role of 'cheating spouse'.

'Other women' will always have to wonder if there are more. Her current infatuation with him though makes this more of a long term, thus backup strategy. Watch a few cliched movies for some basic ideas: lipstick that is unexplainable on his colar, perfum spritzed/waffed onto a jacket/shirt, other women's underwear that could not possibly be Heather's nor Amber's in an incriminating location/s...etc.

Dee is going to be harder, as she might be expecting something from you. To make it work you will need wingers to do the actual work so that you do not get caught and Amber incriminated as merely doing it to get her man back through her best friend. One possible spin on it anyway, other has you crazy. Plant some evidence that is Heather centric, you have known her longer than Dee, use that to your advantage.

One way is to become friends with her and try to sabotage the relationship from the inside. This is difficult, but you could see if you could do so with one of her friends for a more round the ben approach. But, unfortunately besides Dee being a life flake you have shown too little knowledge of Dee to have this be very effective.

Also, discover more about the real Dee's past. Possibly gain contact with whomever now is in possession of her life to get a better inside scoop. Especially on how/why her previous marriage fell apart, drawing those parallels into the current one will aid your cause. Tap as many resources you have, this not only your life but your love at risk...there is nothing love cannot destroy. -Yes that is a Proclaimer's reference Todd.

Anonymous said...

Use the power of friends.

One person saying "I'm not in my right body, but you really need to know..." to the new girlfriend is a nutcase, easily dismissable. Twenty people, Inn survivors plus their clued-in associates, all calling her on the phone and sending her postmail from all over the continent... not so dismissable.

One person saying, "You really are a truly evil shit for even thinking of doing this" is an ex-friend and a used-resource to Dee. Fifty people phoning her up at her place of employment (where it's not so easy to change a phone number), faxing messages to him/her there, emailing, twittering... Tidal wave.
That's not even mentioning calls to the boss.

Yeah, the boss. You gotta figure: which is worth more to you, a slightly damaged your-own-life careerwise, or watching Dee walk off with it unscathed? So touch off all the cannon you've got, NOW, while there's time for Inn plans.

Anonymous said...

If you do that loudly enough, you might force the BigBad who's behind the Inn in the first place to intervene, just to keep the Inn from becoming a tabloid Alice's Restaurant. Who's gonna be easier to coerce/Imperius/blackmail: one bitch who won't man up to being a woman, or a nationwide network?

Anonymous said...

I think you misread what I originally posted. Probably due to the emotions surrounding your predicament.

I didn't suggest taking Dee on a plane drugged. You'd have to drive all the bloody way to Maine with him doped up for scenario #1. The plane was for scenario #3 and you'd drug him after he got off the plane in Maine after you'd lured him there using Heather as bait.

As for passing him off as a relative I said you'd need an accomplice for that. I'm quite aware of your knew ethnic heritage. Any accomplice you get for any of the schemes suggested by myself or others would have to be from the inn as well. No one else would believe you to help you.

The Inn is about the best relationship killer you have available and I still like the idea of using Heather as leverage in scenario #3 but we can do this the old fashion way. If you want to set up Dee as a cheating SOB and have Heather dump him you're going to need help.

Someone you might try to contact for help could be that couple from the inn who come back every year. I think it was stated in a post they are in the business of helping people get their bodies back.

You can either make Heather think he's cheating on her or make Dee think she's cheating on him. Maybe you could do both but you might get caught if you play both angles. Either one will work but try to pick the person that gets jealous the easiest.

Also, I have to admit that I'm not positive getting Heather out of the picture will help you. It could be Dee just likes being you and Heather is an excuse. The lesson here is prepare for the worst.

Wishing you luck,

Anonymous #1

Anonymous said...

(Power of friends and Alice's here.)

One more tool you can use: this blog. It's a log with builtin timestamping, thus it's a record of events which clearly predate this crisis, which makes it a more creditable reference. Both Heather and Amber need to have it in their faces, inescapable. As in, browser homepage, or even on a redirect for all the logins into the hotel network, guests and all. Dee needs to know that this just isn't going to go away.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3 with the multiple options has some well thought out plans. Just as an aside, you do also have whatever connections your new body came with such as the men across the hall and the knowledge of real Priya, as well as the dirt on all of your old life's friends. Even without the Inn network, that can easily be tapped or manipulated.

Travis said...

This may seem like an extream suggestion but you could kidnap heather and hide her somwhere and tell deb "You stole my life and fiance from me and if you don't give me my life back I'll steal yours from you too." and accompany her personally to the inn to make sure there is no funn buisness.

Anonymous said...

(Which more than likely means that come July i'll turn into Deb. Which I don't plan on as a long term solution but its the only body available as of now.)

I guess I am not sure who "Deb" is? I looked back and don't know. Sorry!!

Scott said...

I think that's supposed to be "Dee" (the woman in Greg's body.) Deb was the person in Todd's body a while back.

Anonymous said...

I'm the commenter from the previous post who first suggested sabotaging Dee and Heather's relationship.

Commenter #3 on this post is correct about making your boss aware of the relationship, because a romantic relationship between two people who have a supervisor/subordinate relationship in the workplace spells trouble, especially if there are other subordinates. It represents a professional conflict of interest and much potential for accusations of favoritism from other employees -- and that's without taking into account that the relationship also involves cheating on a fiancee.

It is with these issues in mind that you should find some way go get into Heather's mind -- not only remind her that she is holding the role of "the other woman" and "marriage wrecker", but also the inappropriateness of the relationship from a workplace perspective. Try to stir up some feelings of guilt in Heather's mind while at the same time get her to thinking about how this relationship could cost both her and Greg their jobs -- not a risk to be taken lightly in the current economic environment.

Anything you can do to get your friends and family from your own life on board in harassing Heather about the relationship would help -- you wouldn't need to try to tell them about the inn, you just need for the ones who like Amber the most, and who are/would be the most upset about the relationship with Amber ending, to focus their ire on Heather as "the other woman" (and if you can get them to convey their ire through workplace communications, even better). That's something you could potentially accomplish while still walking in Priya's shoes.

Anonymous said...

By way of clarification about why your friends and family should focus their ire on Heather rather than Dee. If Dee's own conscience isn't bothered by the prospect of stealing your life, then criticism from your family and friends probably wouldn't affect her, either. She might even just decide to sever contact with everyone associated with your life. Heather, on the other hand, doesn't know about any of this, so with any luck she'll start to think that continuing in this relationship is going to mean ongoing harassment.