Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greg: Is anyone else bored?

So I found a flyer with a link to this blog on it, saying its an online guestbook and message board. Id imagine its been used for that at some point in its 3 year history, even tho the first posts read like a bunch of guys talking poker and lately its become a way for a couple to publicly air their relationship issues.

Anyway, my name is Greg Schmitt, and Im a 24 year old Hotel Manager from Chicago. I was supposed to be here with my fiance on a lover's weekend, but she just HAD to go into work at her job as a pharmacy. But the tickets were non refundable, we got them as a 2 for 1 booking on Travelocity. Her best friend stayed here the 2 weeks before me.

Anyway, like i said, im taken, but if anyone else staying at the inn wants to hang out, Im 24 and love baseball, drinking, and exploring new places. Im staying in Room 2 if anyone's interested.

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