Sunday, July 26, 2009

Greg: Perhaps I shouldve done more than just skim

Of course, even if I had read every post in this blog and learned of the TRUE nature of the Inn, would I have believed it? Or would I chalk it up to eccentric and elaborate fiction due to the "curse"? Is that what most readers out there think?

As you may have guessed by now, I, like almost every other regular poster here, have changed. And aslo like almost every other poster, I'm a woman (I wonder if there's any reason for that?). But not Just any woman. Today I woke up to the face of Priya Patel, who happens to be a very good friend of mine. She also happens to be the best friend of my fiancee.

I guess i dont need to fill you all in on the gory details. Im not sure how helpful i would be since I wasnt awake during my transfomation. It was basically go to bed as Greg, then wake up to screaming all around me.

The Inn has full length mirrors in all of its rooms, I dont know if thats intentional or coincidental. I dont know how others have described waking up as someone else,but heres my take. You KNOW something is off when you wake up. In my case, it was Priyas long black hair falling in my face, the fact that my arms and hands were now a completely different color, and the shifting of her breasts. But it doesnt really HIT you till you look in the mirror and see someone else's image doing the things your doing.

I guess my experience might be different than most of the other posters here, as I recognized that face in the mirror. Priya and I booked room 2 consecutively as part of an online 2 for 1 offer. She was supposed to check out and return to Chicago last saturday, but Amber (my fiancee) hadnt heard from her yet and was getting worried. Turns out, Priya did check out...just not as Priya.

To continue the story, the screamin led me into the hallway, still wearing an now over sized tshirt. (I had been wearing boxers,but they didnt stay up on my new frame, so i just went into the hall one noticed, all the important stuf was covered up).

In the hallway were a dozen or so very confused people. Housewives, children, old people, college students. People were screaming at each other and claiming to be other people, only to be told that no one else knew what was going on.

After about an hour, a black girl about 20 emerged from her room with a piece of paper. "Hey guys, check the closets! There's notes and luggage that helps explain it.

I ducked backed into the room and opened the closet. (I travel light and live out of my suitcase, so I didnt open the closet once). Inside were Priya's suitcases and an envelope containing the following note:

"Dear whoever,

If you can read this, that means your me. Apparnently this hotel causes you to change into the person who stayed here before you.

My name is Priya Patel and Im a teacher from Chicago, or rather, you are now. I currently look like an Emily David, and I apparently have to act like her, which means im in New Jersey right now doing whatever she does. And that means youre gonna have to go to Chicago to do what I do.

The note continued with details of Priya's life and contact information for her as emily.

This all happened sunday. Ive got a lot to sort out and do. Luckily i can stay at the Inn for another week.

Ill keep ya posted


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