Friday, July 03, 2009

Todd/Anne-Marie: No way out

"How noble are you?"

So asked one commenter when I described the feeling of seeing Alia here at this godforsaken place, knowing that before long we will all be transformed. Knowing that an uncertain, possibly horrible fate awaits her has put me in a very awkward position.

Do I leave the Inn, stay as Anne-Marie and let me girl go back to her life? Or do I stay, return to myself, and risk her transformation into an old woman, or a kid, or something? At one point I thought about sneaking into her room and checking for luggage left behind, but there never was an opportunity.

What's the noble thing to do, though? I've never considered myself a noble guy, but it's the kind of thing I would aspire to. Is it selfish to want my body back, knowing I won't have her, so that Anne-Marie and Ellie will get back to their own lives (as pointed out be a later commenter?) Or do I sacrifice myself - and Anne-Marie and Ellie - to let her live her normal life? This could be my one chance to get my life back, but is my life worthwhile knowing I did this to her?

George weighed in on the issue. His opinion is that, sooner or later, all of the transformations are going to take place. Plenty of people's lives will be ruined anyway. I was prepared to let a dozen strangers go through the transformation without a word of warning. In this case, I can at least be there for her, and try to explain and help her through it. There's no real choice. No going back.

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