Friday, July 31, 2009

Greg/Priya: My to do list.

As I mentioned before, Im a hotel manager. That means I have to co-ordinated the comings and goings of several different departments serving a few hundred rooms. One of the most effective tools when managing is making lists of what is to be done. And thats exactly what I did the morning I woke up after my last post.

1. Contact the real Priya

I used Priya's cell phone, and not my own, to call "Emily David" Monday evening. I presume she must have caller ID, because when she answered the phone she sounded nervous.

"Hello?" she said slowly

"Priya?" I asked

"Yep, although from the sounds of it your the one who looks the part more" she replied

"Its me, Greg" I said quickly and quietly

"Greg" She said in disbelief "But how?"

"Apparently the Inn changes you into the person who stayed in the room before you. We booked the same room, remember?" I explained

"Oh Greg, Im so sorry..." She started

"Dont be, its not your fault and i guess it could be a lot worse. Believe me"

We talked for a few minutes and she gave me some more info on how to be her. Then we hung up and I move on to the next item on the list.

2. Call Amber

My dear sweet fiancee has spent the last few days with no idea of where neither her best friend nor her future hubby were. I called her and explained that we were both ok. I made up a lie about how there is terrible reception in maine, and I was in Boston for a few days, spontaneously. I also told her I saw Greg just as I left. I dont know how im gonna verify that, Ill probably send her an email as Greg, or AIM, since she cant tell that im a tiny little Indian girl when you use those media. Ill just have to make sure i fill in the new Greg, whoever thats gonna be.

3. Write my note
Its weird sitting down writing a note to a stranger telling them that they are gonna have to live your life. I explained the basics about my life and family, and who i was, and who i was now, and that ill still be in the same city so we'll see each other, which should be a help for him. I gave him Priya's contact information for when he gets to Chicago.

4. Get to Chicago
Priya had a plane ticket out of Logan Airport to Chicago for July 18th. Clearly she didnt use it. Its now expired and useless to me. I however, have a ticket for August 1st. The problem is, it was in my name. Fortuneatly with a little talking to with the airline aided by intimate knowledge of myself and a working knowledge of Priya, I was able to get the names switched on the ticket. How "new greg" will get home is beyond me, but If he needs to use a credit card of mine ill be ok with it. Theres a lot of minor details tha can become challenges around here, and ill need to have help when I try to solve them, which brings me to my last item:

5. Read this whole blog
Right now im at the part where Art and Ashlyn are living in Boston, whcih means i got a long ways to go, but ive got time to kill before my flight tommorow. Its comforting that im not the first guy to go through with this and that a few others have written down tips and hints on howto deal with the whole mess.

So ive got some reading to, until then, ill keep you posted

-Greg, or as i should get used to saying "Priya"

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Anonymous said...

I've got a question about your third point. When are you and Amber getting married? Will you and new Greg be able to book back-to-back weeks at the Inn before the wedding?

I'm wishing you the best. Your life may start to get really interesting.